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Thanks to everyone at CSSC, Hado Bar Farms, the workers, and the exhibitors.  We had an AWESOME time.  It rained a little on Friday but not enough to prevent us from taping a lot of amazing runs.  The rain stayed away the entire weekend and then showed up on Monday with a vengeance!  It made the return trip to Orlando that much more interesting!  I have been madly editing and hope to have some links up very soon.  Most folks wanted DVD’s again so there may only be a half dozen runs or so.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

This is our next destination!  Our first road trip and we picked a great one.  The Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club Herding trial in June.  3 days 6 trials!!  It is going to be a fantastic time!

If you live in this area come on over and check out some terrific herding shelties (and other great herding breeds as well)

For more info on Hado Bar Farms check them out  here

See you in OHIO

Both days this weekend the rain held off until after the trial had ended!  The wind yesterday was crazy and it’s effect on the stock was obvious.  The effect on my camera was also notable to me, but hopefully not to any of you!

I will begin the editing process today; however, with so many wonderful clients this week, I am not sure when all the videos will be finished.  Once again folks seem to prefer DVD’s.  I guess most of you would rather watch on your giant screen TV’s instead of your  little computer monitors.

Our next big event will be up in Ohio in June!  Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful Midwestern herding dogs I have read about!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend up in Lady Lake at Penn Y Caerau Farm.  There were some really terrific dogs and Handlers and the stock (and the stock handlers) were fantastic!!

I hope to have most of the videos done by the end of the week.  Since most folks wanted their runs on DVD there won’t be many to see here.

I have also emptied all the SDHC Cards and charged all the batteries and we will be ready to head down the road to St. Cloud this weekend for another terrific weekend of herding.  Linden Hollow will be our destination.

I am hoping that the weather man is wrong and the rain stays away.  I will be there recording even if he is right, but I really would prefer to work in dry conditions (and so would my camera!)

Cool and crisp this morning.  Warming up nicely to make a perfect day!  We got to see some lovely runs.  I finally got that elusive first leg in Intermediate (and a second place to boot!).  Tana is the first dog I have taken beyond the started level and this has been quite challenging for me.  He, however, is awesome (and he will be more than happy to tell you that!).  Tana is the pup up in the banner herding ducks.

Congrats to all who qualified.  See you in the morning for more beautiful weather, terrific friends, and wonderful working dogs!  Oh and don’t forget to wear some green and may the luck of the Irish be with you all!

We will be out both days this weekend at Penn Y Caerau in Lady Lake.  Looks like the weather will be cooperating as well.  Looking forward to seeing and recording some great dogs and handlers.  I will be running 2 of my dogs on Saturday and 3 dogs on Sunday.  Hope all of us see lots of  “green” this weekend!  May all of you have the Luck of the Irish on this festive weekend of St. Patrick’s Day!

We have already had some requests for videotaping both at Lady Lake and St. Cloud.  We are rearing to get back out on the field.  I will be running 3 of my dogs this Sunday and next Saturday so make sure you get on the list if you know you want me to record your runs.  Tana is in Intermediate, McGee is in Started and Ao Lani will be making her debut in the PT class.  Tana will also be running in both trials this Saturday as well as the A course next Sunday.  McGee will be running this Saturday afternoon.  I will try to run last in all classes so that there will be no impact if you want me to tape your runs.

Final note:  Lady Lake trial begins at 9AM both days.  So relax, sleep in, and then head on out for a wonderful weekend of herding!!

Just a friendly reminder for the Spring herding trial season.

The Mid Florida Herding Association Trial Closes on Feb 21 at 6PM.  Make sure you get your entry in there are still a few slots available.  The trial dates are March 16 & 17 in Lady Lake and include B course sheep on Sunday!

The Mid Florida Sheltie Club and the Mid Florida ACD Club Closes on March 6 at 6PM.  The trial dates are March 23 & 24 in St. Cloud and include A and B course Sheep and Ducks both days.

We will be at both trials.  Make sure to stop by and say hello.

Don’t forget, next event coming up.  3 trials over the weekend of March 16 & 17, 2013

For event location , date , time details click here!

It’s finally here! I’m excited to announce the long-awaited launch of the new web site!

Thank you all for your patience and your interest in viewing the new site, and I look forward to posting more updates for you here in my Blog as well in the Events Calendar.

Stop back soon!