We are back in Orlando after driving 2500 miles in 9 days!!  The weather in Nova was absolutely perfect on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday the skies opened up and we were only able to record the duck trial and a few started runs of the sheep trial.

My youngest girl managed to get 2 started legs in 2 attempts.  She did it with flair and a first and second placement as well!  Her Saturday run was much better but we were beaten by a dog who took RHIT.  New goal will be to get a RHIT or HIT in her next trial in the Fall!

I am currently downloading all the videos I shot and should begin editing them tomorrow.  There were a lot of really, really lovely runs, including a “perfect” run on Intermediate B course Ducks.  Can’t wait to edit all the runs and share the ones I can.

Hope all of you have a wonderful summer trialing where it is cooler.  For those of us in Florida we are already looking forward to cooler weather and the fall trial season.  Train safely and see you in the fall!