We here at Wooftastic have had a mixed bag this winter.  On the good side:  my boy Tana got 2 legs toward his HXAs title on his first 2 attempts.  We are looking forward to the spring trial season and, hopefully, picking up that third leg so we can begin to work toward his AKC Herding Champion title.Tana's first Advanced Leg  On the down side:  I lost my oldest girl, Khamsin, to a brain tumor back in October.  She was my heart dog and there is still a very large hole in my heart with her loss.  That is what life is.  Highs and lows, good and bad.  We learn from both and move forward.  I will forever miss Khamsin.  She was a dog in a million.  It was she that got me interested in agility, herding, and other canine sports.  Here are a couple of pictures.  One of her as an adorable 8 week old, the second in her prime, at about 5 years old.  RIP my beautiful hummingbird! Khamsin Puppy picture Khamsin Head shot